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I have saw the Great White Shark and ordered a pack of 10 with the shipment to Switzerland. Everything looks good and trustworthy here so I wanted to try out the service of Growa Seed, 1 week later I received a small package. I am curious what comes out the seeds but the shop & shipment is highly recommended

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Hello grow fans, my name is Alex but you can also call me Growa. As the most of you guys probably know, I am the grandfather and expert in the field of breeding and seeds. 30 years ago I discovered my passion with growing and that has not escaped me for the days. Often the big names on this market will know me personally and are of course they’re also business partners with Growa Seeds. Only this time it will be different, it will be something big.

I’m almost 60 years old and therefore we celebrate this anniversary with a new company, a new international business. 60 years is not that old right? We still can conquer the world, and the secret recipes for it? Maybe you’ll find it here on growa-seeds.com 😉

Anyway, we are working on and creating the best webshop and purchasing experience of 2019 and we are fucking proud that you are part of it. We wish you a lot of fun and success and we will always support you.


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